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After a very loooooooooong hiatus, Scott and Jamie are back with a vengeance  The guys talk about the less than exciting CES 2013, the life of Aaron Swartz, online government petitions, the critical Java vulnerability  a foul mouthed super computer, Amazon’s new music gimmick, Academy Awards nominations, Jamie gets quacky in the kitchen, and Scott presents chocolate that is a party in your mouth.

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Show Notes:

The Verge Best of CES 2013

Aaron Swartz

White House Petitions

Department of Homeland Security Recommends Disabling Java

Cursed Watson

Amazons Rips Physical CDs to the Cloud

85th Academy Awards Nominations


Chuao Chocolatier


As Jamie continues his summer vacation, Scott is joined by one of our regular co-hosts, Sam Wollman.  A trip to the mall leads Scott and Sam to review the new iPod lineup, the guys check out the new Sony 4K TV, Simon Cowell headphone, a new touch screen PC from Lenovo, Scott gets a hands on with a Windows 8 tablet, Best Buy’s new price matching strategy, Sam gives us an inside scoop on ten dollar concert tees, Scott reviews a new devilish TV show and is horrified by a holiday treat shortage.

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Show Notes:

New iPods

Sony 4K TV

Sony X Headphones

Lenovo Touch Screen PC

Best Buy Price Matching

666 Park Avenue

Pumpkin Latte Shortage


Scott is joined by guest co-host and longtime friend Ari Ryan for the TechBacon 60th birthday episode.  The guys talk about the Apple Maps apology, Microsoft Surface phone rumors, Presidential debates on YouTube, the Stewart and O’Reilly debate glitch, new filmgoing service Movie Pass, Netflix plans for House of Cards, Ari review Arbitrage with Richard Gere, Scott gets his ears blown off by the Black Keys and his soul soothed by Jason Mraz, Ari gives us an inside look at the restaurant biz with his new place the Hash House a Go Go, and Scott takes it Fresh and Easy.

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Show Notes:

Apple Maps Apology

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumor

YouTube Presidential Debate

Jon Steward and Bill O’Reilly Streaming Fail



The Black Keys

Jaso Mraz Foundation

Hash House a Go Go Chicago

Fresh and Easy


It’s an iPhone kind of show this week as Scott and Jamie talk about…you guessed it…the iPhone 5, they also discuss new Windows phones from HTC, proof of the post-PC era, Shazam TV tagging, Jamie reviews The Master and The Book of Mormon, Scott takes in a Fiona Apple show, Jamie gives us a handful of up and coming musicians to check out and the guys go to a pizza joint for breakfast.

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Show Notes:

The iPhone 5

HTC 8X and 8S

Its Official the Era of the Personal Computer is Over

Shazam New TV Feature

The Master

The Book of Mormon

Fiona Apple

Jessie Ware

Melodys Eco Chamber - First Listen NPR

Milk Music

Milo and Olive


Scott and Jamie are back after an extended summer vacation.  Jamie talks about the Outside Lands music festival and the FYF Fest.  The guys talk about the new Amazon Kindle’s, new phones from Nokia, thoughts on live blogging, rumors of a web based Spotify, movie reviews of Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy and Robot and Frank, Jamie stays put and eats south of the border as Scott eats his weight at the Hash House Chicago, and gets crabby on the east cost.

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Show Notes:

Outside Lands Music Festival

FYF Fest

New Amazon Kindles

New Nokia Phones

Spotify Web Based Rumor

Total Recall

The Bourne Legacy

Robot and Frank

Border Grill

Fishers Popcorn

Hash House A Go Go


On this snippet of a show, Scott goes it alone this week just to say a quick hello and talk about Best Buy’s possible sale and his new cast iron obsesion.

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Show Notes:

Best Buy founder reportedly hopes to save company by cutting prices after buyout

Griswold Cast Iron


On this weeks filling show, Scott and Jamie talk about NBC Olympic coverage, the promise of Google Fiber, a Breast Cancer detection app, a look inside iPhone prototypes, new Amazon music, on line same day delivery and free Disney WiFi.  Jamie reviews the Dirty Projectors and Wye Oak and the guys eat their way through a pancake extravaganza.

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Show Notes:

NBC Olympics

Olympic Critic Banned From Twitter

Google Fiber

Google Science Fair Winner

iPhone Prototypes

New Amazon Music

Amazon Same Day Delivery

Free Disney WiFi

The Dirty Projectors

Wye Oak

LA Weekly Pancake Breakfast


Jamie and Scott are bleeping tired on this weeks early morning recording.  The guys talk about the new Yahoo! CEO, Office 2013, new iPhone dock connector, new commercials from Apple and Google, the SoLAR app, Jamie reviews a new Elton John remix, the guys review the new Dark Knight film, and have an early morning tasting of a strange new cookie spread.

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Show Notes:

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Office 2013 Preview

iPhone Rumors

Martin Scorsese Siri Commercial

Nexus 7 Tab Commercial


Elton John VS Panu

The Dark Knight Rises

Trader Joes Cookie Butter


All bets are off as Scott and Jamie record a wacky weeknight show.  The guys talk about the Higgs Boson particle, DNSChanger trojan virus, smart parking meters, cloned horses, the H+ YouTube series, The Amazing Spider-Man, Beasts of the Southern Wild, a new Killers single, the fellas eat an excellent pre show meal and Scott has a private chefs dinner.

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Show Notes:

Higgs Boson

DNSChanger Trojan

Smart Parking Meters

Cloned Horses


The Amazing Spider-Man

Beasts of the Souther Wild

The Killers Runaways

Plancheck Kitchen and Bar

Il Grano



On this weeks especially goofy show, the guys discuss a strange timely phenomena, all things Google IO, bleak news for RIM, a sneaky new practice from Orbitz, the movies Ted and Brave, and Scott give a cool review of a new ice cream outpost.

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Show Notes:

Leap Second

Google IO

Google Devices

RIM reports fiscal Q1 earnings

Orbitz new practice

Awkward. on MTV



Sprinkles Ice Cream